Dan & Cyndy's Wedding!



Its hard to believe, but the wedding took place on September 27th, 1996 - that was two, beautiful grandchildren ago!!! It took place "On Time - On Schedule" and except for some unanticipated rain, a great time was had by all! The following are some vignettes - enjoy!


At the church, (left) Judy and son Dan walk down the aisle. I was somewhere behind trying to figure out what I was supposed to do.

To the right Judy and I receive thunderous applause on our arrival at the reception. Well, I thought it was for us, but evidently it was for the Bride and Groom as can be seen below.








My Mom had a fantastic time and was the hit of the Rehearsal Dinner and the Reception.


At left, she can be seen dancing at the reception with her two grandsons.








Leif's Significant Other, Wendy was Mistress of Ceremonies and did an outstanding job.

At left, they can be seen enjoying the reception.

The Mother and Father of the Groom on the right also enjoyed themselves! (No, that is not my daughter, and I did NOT "Rob the Cradle!") I'm the one in the tuxedo for those of you accustomed to seeing me only in my retirement duds (jeans & sweatshirt).



And now, The Bride!!! It is said that all brides are beautiful, but in Cyndy's case, this is obviously an understatement!



A picture of the Bride and Groom taken outside the reception.


And finally, "The Stephanson Clan"



On the Saturday night after the wedding, we had a get together at our house. In the kitchen, a Scotch-tasting ensued instigated of course by who else but Edward Fitzpatrick, who also took many of these photos. The tasters are, from left to right, son Leif, Keith & Fran MacLeod, and Judy's sister Sandy. "Try a wee dram o' single malt!"





My Mom stayed in Ottawa for a week after the wedding. She and I had a great time touring the countryside visiting such landmarks as The Hershey Chocolate Plant in Smiths Falls, Lanark (Village Treats), and Balderson's Cheese Factory in Perth. I guess the highlight was a drive up into the Gatineau Hills on a beautiful fall day! We marveled at the colours and the view from Champlain Lookout, and stopped for a while at a small lake in the park. It was so quiet and tranquil, a real back-to-nature adventure for both of us! This picture is one I took of Mom at that beautiful location.


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