Our Summer 2003 Cottage Vacation


After a very stressful spring, we again had the opportunity to stay at Wendy's brother Rick's cottage on Kuiack Lake near Barry's Bay. We actually had two vacations there; the first a week in July on our return from Winnipeg, and the second for a week in September.


The first week was an opportunity for us to unwind emotionally. Leif and Wendy joined us for the first weekend to celebrate her birthday and we overlapped with Dan, Cyn and the kids for the last couple of days, so had a great time enjoying our kids and grandkids. The second week we took our 'grandcat' Shooter along with us. As we had never taken her for more than a quick car ride to the corner store, we were a bit apprehensive. But she had a wonderful time both during the trip watching the world go by from the dashboard, and at the cottage viewing the passing parade of critters. As a predator, she was 'unclear of the concept'. When she was on a leash on the deck, the chipmunks showed absolutely no fear, and eagerly grabbed peanuts from right under her nose. Occasionally, if they got too close, she'd push them away with her bare paw - no claws extended!



"Hello furry, striped thing."





The predator training program was unsuccessful even though the prey was extremely cooperative!



What? You here again?


A "glass" of chipmunk (aka: "The Prey")



Cooling off with Mom


A picnic with the grandkids.


It doesn't get much better than this ...


... even for a cat ...


... or grandkids...


or bigger 'kids'!!!


Waiting for sunset ...


and here it is in yet another kaleidoscope of colours!


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