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This page covers important things we have been involved with over the last little while, and includes photos where possible. My but the years seem to whizz by !


Have we got to the stage indicated in the cartoons below? Nah, not yet ... if I remember correctly.


And, of course ...

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Judy's own page covering things concerning ... ah ... Judy. Including her retirement!!! Just click on her picture at left or the title to get to her page.


The following, framed snapshot depicts Judy's 100th donation of blood products (whole blood, plasma or platelets). To quote her:

"Many donors of course have far surpassed this goal - in fact one Ottawa donor has made 400 plus donations! I am not bragging, just letting you know that we CAN make a difference in some small way in this world. If I have helped to alleviate one person's pain or helped to save one life... "




But wait, there's more !!!


On 6 July 2010, Judy received an award with covering letter from Canadian Blood Services recognizing her 150th blood donation - a truly remarkable achievement!!! Just click on the Canadian Red Cross icon at left to get the details.


As per the following cartoon, Judy hasn't slowed down one bit now she is retired !!!

Just ask the grandkids, ... and Steff!



Guess whose page? Here you will also find links to various articles which I have written, some of which have been published.

We had a wonderful three week vacation in Portugal in April 2001. To read all about our adventures, just click on the Portugal logo.


It was with great sorrow that we advised everyone of the loss of our mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother (langamma) Florence on 31 May 2003, and our brother-in-law, Dale England on 5 June 2003. To view our comments, and their obituaries and tributes, please click here.

Australian Connections


    Leif had a wonderful one year term in Sydney, Australia covering the 1999 - 2000 time frame.   His experience in vehicle emissions testing helped him procure this position. The job was a 12-month engineering management training exchange position with the New South Wales state government. To read about his impressions of Australia, and see some photos, click on the Kangaroo!


    We (Judy & Garry) succeeded in visiting Leif at his Bondi Beach apartment over the Millenium Christmas and New Years to help him celebrate and had a fantastic time, albeit too short. To read all about our adventure, and see some of the beautiful Australian scenery we saw, just click on the Koala.


 Wendy enjoyed a pre-marriage honeymoon to Australia in February and March of 2000. She and Leif's holiday itinerary included Bali & Bangkok (Thailand), Tokyo, Auckland, etc., then back to Sydney. To read about her fabulous trip, just click here!


May signals the start of the annual golf season.

    I don't particularly enjoy the game, but it's about the only form of exercise my aging body now permits. You must admit it is a very inefficient and time-consuming way to transport a small ball from one location to another (especially the way I do it)! The good news is that I don't seem to have lost my touch; the bad news is that I never had much of a touch. Oh well, hope springs eternal. To see and read about my (our) golf antics, just click here.

    Just remember - "Golf" spelled backward is "Flog".  

Coincidence? I think not!





To get all the particulars on Leif & Wendy's and Dan & Cyndy's weddings, just click on their pictures below:




















were intimately involved several years ago with racing, both with their sports cars and also the stock car Leif built. To get all the particulars plus other info on the sons, click here. 




Just click on the picture to see our photos from Ottawa's

"Worst Storm of the Century"


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