Judy continues classes in painting (water colours), and as can be seen above, is really doing well!!! She has produced many fine works which she has had framed and now adorn our abode.

Of course painting in water colours does occasionally present some problems as depicted below!

And, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" Or, "Different strokes for different folks!"

And here's how she gets cooperation ... it definitely works!


And then there is spousal constructive criticism ...

Plus comments from the kids ...

And what about english phrases???



Judy also is our resident gardner and does a remarkable job at beautifying the grounds! In fact, she is so intense with keeping things perfect, she stands in as the scarecrow to fend of noxious critters as depicted at right ...





    When Judy was still teaching, Report Card Time generated unimaginable activity levels for Judy the Teacher. The mere mention caused immediate visible dismay in this otherwise calm, cool, and collected professional. Such is the stress level that Judy preferred to prepare the student reports in a private and secluded spot, well away from the hurly-burly of everyday life. However, her choice of venues often boggled the imagination! One of her favourite hideaways was a castle near Shannon, Ireland - back to her ancestral roots? In the fall of 1998 however, she plummeted to new depths in her never-ending search for solitude.


 But the big news - No more reports!!!!

    Judy officially retired at the end of June, 2000! As might be expected for so dedicated a teacher, she was appropriately feted by friends and family even though she made this as difficult as possible. (As she repeatedly told anyone who would listen, "No, I don't want any parties!"). Regardless, I presented this tireless professional with a suitable (?) retirement certificate.

    The picture at left best sums up Judy's post-retirement attitude!

image For Christmas '98 Judy received a unique gift from Wendy. It is an antique sewing machine (pictured at right.) I did some extensive checking on the web (would you believe there are numerous organizations and clubs totally devoted to antique sewing machines?), and was able to determine quite a bit about its history. I received an e-mail response from one individual as follows:

 "I know a little about the Goodrich Sewing Machine Company. They manufactured machines in Chicago Ill. from 1880 until 1895 when they were absorbed by the Foley and Williams Sewing Machine Company. They still manufactured machines under the Goodrich name right up into the 1950's."

 "The Goodrich Model A was made between 1890 - 1910. I am unsure of the period the Model B was manufactured but I would have to estimate that your machine probably dates from between 1910 - 1925. Most of these machines were made for mail order and catalogue companies and had a variety of different names stenciled on them. It is quite possible that your machine was sold by one of these companies that dealt in machines in Canada."

Early November '97 saw the two week Ontario Teachers’ Political Protest. Judy was up early (4:30 - 5:00 AM) each day to man (person?) the picket lines. She felt very strongly about this unjust bill, and fully supported the teachers' attempts to avoid a two-tier (haves & have-nots) education system! Our sentiments were published in the Ottawa Citizen, Letters to the Editor, a portion of which is quoted as follows: “Bill 160 is nothing more than a money grab by the Harris Government in its frantic attempt to slash and burn to achieve hopelessly optimistic financial savings in an equally unrealistic time frame.” ‘Nuff said!


 Judy has taken up roller blading. In particular, she enjoys getting out with the "kids" who are all avid bladers. Garry doesn't partake as he feels that if we were meant to have wheels on our feet, we would have been issued them at birth!

Judy's Comment:

"When I am old, I will still wear purple - but only when I'm roller blading."

Here is a picture of Judy and Wendy lacing up prior to an outing.

For Valentine's Day a few years ago, Garry made up a card for Judy using a turn of the century post card, and our picture from Dan & Cyndy's wedding. For 1999, Garry surfed the web for ideas, and came up with this graphic which he embellished to adorn the front of the Valentine's Day card. On St. Patrick's Day, he gave her a "Viking Leprechaun" greeting. This photo showing three generations of our family was part of a card Garry gave Judy for Mother's Day. Corel Photopaint made this all possible when coupled of course with his inventive, but severely underutilized mind.



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