A Geezer Amongst the Geysers, plus My Sons Get Steamed! 


The following are photos involving the plethora of volcanic geothermal resources readily available in Iceland. Although volcanoes aren't exactly user-friendly, their thermal energy is extremely useful. As a result Iceland produces vast amounts of electricity, and some of the residual hot water from this power production can be piped into homes for personal use. Of course these volcanic happenings also provide pleasurable tourist and resident attractions.





At left is the Blue Lagoon North, about 20 kms from the Arctic Circle. We enjoyed a relaxing dip at this isolated gem after a long day's drive.









And these are pics from the famed Blue Lagoon which we visited on our way from Reykjavik to Keflavik airport on our last day.























The Blue Lagoon is a large complex containing many pools at different temperatures, all vividly blue from the natural minerals. There were also saunas and a modern restaurant. The white stuff you see on the guys' faces is a bi-product of the hot springs and supposedly provides a beneficial facial. I didn't participate as my face is already perfect ... well no, I just worried that the stuff might wreck my glasses!











At left is a Geothermal Power Plant, one of several on the island. They seem to be operated autonomously as we didn't spot any workers, only other tourists.












Fallout from a volcano ... all these spewed out rocks were razor sharp! I don't think it would have been very pleasant to be around this area during the eruption 'rainy' season ...










Dan just checking the lava flow near the steaming, volcanic pools.

Interestingly, there were very few truly protective fences or warnings in these areas. I guess the Icelanders felt that if someone is stupid enough to poach themselves, it would benefit the human gene pool!!!










As can be seen, I could easily jump in if I wished, but I value my genes ... or jeans.













For Dan and Leif, their curiosity just demanded that they almost make 'fuels' of themselves! The strong sulfur odour though acted as a powerful deterrent.













A beautifully coloured geyser pool just prior to eruption. It looks inviting but I can guarantee that its verrryyyy hot.














And then it erupts with a mighty roar!!! This particular one erupted about every 15 minutes.


















How is this for an alien atmosphere! We got the feeling we were on another planet, void of vegetation and in a primordial uproar.













There was total silence except for the boiling mud and water - very unnerving!














The witches' caldron - "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble -"











 Now for a change, some of the most beautiful scenery on our trip! These vistas are fascinating, with a new view appearing every few kilometers. Just click on the icon below.



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