Glaciers & Icebergs

Above is an Icelandic farm, which was also the location of our B&B. The glacier in the background was typical of these rivers of ice we saw lurking in the distance as we travelled the Ring Road around the island.





Looking down on a glacier from a height of thirty plus metres...














...and standing at the base of it.

Rather impressive, eh?












Ah yes, a nice ice stroll on a sunny day. Dan and Leif took advantage of the opportunity to explore the glacier field. Dad didn't go, preferring to have a nap in the car, but wondered what took them so long to return...

Turns out they had to make an hour and a half detour around some very dangerous crevasses. Sure glad they didn't tell me till we were back in Canada!










At the foot of the glacier - what an amazing vista, and yet just one of many we viewed during our amazing adventure. The only sound was a low "crick- crack, crick- crack" of the glacier's infinitesimally slow demise.











Later, we journeyed to where icebergs calved off a glacier nestled on the seashore. Here are a few views:







Otherworldly shades and shapes!















A forboding seascape! No wonder the Vikings embraced so many dark myths!












Though not shown in these views, seals coursed through the waters, having no difficulty finding fish to satisfy their seemingly insatiable appetites.

















I tasted a chunk of iceberg and found it extremely refreshing, although Dan isn't quite sure it's appropriate or consumable. I guarantee it was both - not often I get a chance to sample water that's even older than I am!











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