Spurred on by personal visits to the Niagara wine producing area of Ontario, and other World-Wide wineries, the latest Stephanson family occupation (less the Patriarch) is the "Wine Tasting"! Of course, there are some hazards, and a learning curve before the full bouquet can be appreciated as depicted in the following cartoon!





And then there is the problem of overly aggressive advertising in this hi-tech age we live in ...


Leif's New Band! To get all the particulars, just click on the Icon or Title.

Our Surprise Anniversary Party!


Our Summer 2003 Vacation Photos.



We have two wonderful grandchildren!!!


  Julianna Maria Cantlie Stephanson, who arrived in the early hours on Monday, the 20th of September 1999, right on schedule and weighing in at 8 lbs - 4 ozs.   


Stephan Ethan James Cantlie Stephanson, born at 4:11 AM on 29 December 2001 and weighed 9 lbs - 2 ozs. 



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Ethan's 2015 Graduation from Grade 8


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Cat Tales

Here is a Picture of Shooter in 1995, in my arms when she was just a kitten.


Back in 2002, Leif and Wendy were staying with us while their new house was being built (sounds familiar). This, of course included their two cats, Shooter and Scully. But the two cats staked out their respective territories as they suddenly couldn't get along so had to be kept apart in shifts by yours truly. Regardless, individually, they were really lovable!!! Wendy and Leif left Shooter with us as it was obvious the two cats would never get along. Scully unfortunately has since gone to the giant litter box in the sky, and is truly missed by all of us.

As depicted below in the cartoon, Shooter has taken over my favourite Lazy Boy chair.


Being originally a "Dog" person, I have been attempting to teach Shooter some basics so we can explore our neighborhood comfortably as can be seen below.


Unfortunately, I've discovered cats don't seem to be amenable to dog-like activities ... ergo taking one's cat for a
drag is not exactly a fun thing for the participants and invites rather rude and crude remarks from the neighbors! And, of course, cats have several other annoying traits such as the one depicted in the following cartoon...



I'm not sure who needs the psychologist ...


And her basic attitude concerning who is whom in "her" house!


Plus her rather jaded appreciation of her providers ...


Also, Shooter gets very concerned when suitcases appear and has on several occasions packed herself as she doesn't want to be left alone, much like the cat depicted in the cartoon below ...


Her next greatest addiction after tuna is C.O.L. *

* Cat On Lap


Then there was her ill-considered requests to go out during our almost record-breaking winter snow of 2007-08


10 June 2008 marked Shooter's 14th birthday!

In human terms, that's equivalent to 70 years old (sounds familiar)!!! We celebrated the occasion by declaring it was "Tuna Day". For breakfast she had a handful of her favourite Tuna Treats. and for dinner 'Real" Tuna will be dished. In appreciation she'll probably cough up a celebratory hair ball ... Regardless, Happy Birthday to a truly unique and loved feline!

It is with sorrow that I must announce the passing of Ms. Shooter P. Cat on the 20th of July 2009.

For a short period prior to her death she had not been eating properly and had lost her usual interest in life. Initially the vet had thought the problem was bacterial, but it seems it was likely pancreatic cancer. As she was visibly suffering , I decided that euthanasia was best, obviously a very tough decision. I held her in my arms as she gently passed away.

Shooter will be truly missed by our family and by me (Garry) in particular. I learned much from this amazing lady as I suggest she did from me.

"I'll miss you old friend and I’ll always remember the wonderful times we had together." 













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