On the automotive side, son Leif modified an ‘84 Celica into a stock car, and raced it at the local speedway. Here is a picture taken at the speedway of Leif and his "Baby". That's Dan standing in the background under the umbrella. I provided some technical assistance, but basically this was his show. He raced in a new class for 4 cylinder vehicles and did quite well placing fourth in his first race. Our Olds is now used to tow the Celica as required. Frankly, I don’t know which car will last longer, but my bet is on the Celica!

    Additionally, both Dan and Leif belonged to The Motorsport Club of Ottawa which runs time trials over courses marked out with pylons in the Corel Centre parking lot. Both did excellently, but the tire wear on their sports cars is incredible! Here is a picture of them just prior to the trials. Dan (standing) owns the green ACURA in the background, while Leif is at the wheel of his PRELUDE. Lately Leif is using his stock car thus saving the wear and tear on his sports car. As a Dad, I know what my sons secretly imagine as they roar around the course. For Dan, its probably the thought of passing a Porsche; for Leif, its being ineffectually pursued by a Ferrari and a Maserati!

    The sons "Ice Raced" in winter with their sports car club, but using the stock car. They really had fun while Dad got a kick out of watching their efforts. Of course some untoward things do happen on occasion. This is a picture of one of them with Leif walking away unscathed. It should be noted that he wasn't the driver (just a passenger) and that's not his car! Here is a picture of the two sons and the Celica ,"Slip Slidin' Away!" Even Judy had a chance to ride as a passenger and thoroughly enjoyed the rush. Here she is with Leif giving a "thumbs-up" just before a run. They wanted me to have a go at driving, and finally I couldn't wiggle out of it. It was a real blast and incredibly I scored a solid first in my class! Here I am learning the news. It wasn't until later that my sons admitted that I was the only one in my class .....

    I haven't mentioned that they are also avid "Mountain Bikers," and usually get out each weekend, rain or shine, summer or winter, to practice their Kamikaze sport (from my standpoint). Here is a panoramic picture of the two taken just prior to another adventure. You can tell it is a "before" shot as they are still clean, and no blood is evident!

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