Day Trips From Brussels Cont.






Our visit to Antwerp was quite short but very interesting. At left we are in the main square, near yet another beautiful cathedral.










Inside the cathedral were several paintings by the 'local' artist, Peter Paul Ruebens. The people of Antwerp are obviously proud of the genius of their native son.













And, yet another ornate pulpit! The more ornate, the better the message?????












Another day, another trip, to Ghent then Amsterdam.


At right, I'm trying out a set of clogs (wooden shoes) at a (tourist) factory that demonstrated how clogs and cheese are produced (as per the background sign).






Below are the pictures showing how it's done.





















Amsterdam was beautiful, although the main square and many adjacent buildings were being renovated.

At right is a common scene on all their canals. Residents actually 'purchase' a docking space along the canal. Most of the boats never see much sailing. They are outfitted like the most modern land-based homes complete with elegant living rooms, etc., as can be seen in the photo.









 Here we are in one of Amsterdam's many outdoor cafes. We are grinning because there is a significant odour of Marijuana wafting up and down the street.

There was so much to see, but so little time - maybe another trip in future to this beautiful city.






But all things must come to an end. We had a wonderful time. For me, I was so happy that things hadn't changed much from what I remembered - so often one shouldn't go back as it can be disappointing, but this was not the case. Even the weather cooperated!

This final picture is of me in front of the Brussels railway station en route to the airport.




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