Day Trips From Brussels

We made several day trips during our Brussels visit. All were arranged through our hotel concierge, and we were picked up right at our hotel - good service! In addition to a short tour of the city, we visited Antwerp, Brugge, Waterloo, and in Holland, Ghent, and Amsterdam.


Our visit to Waterloo was a bit disappointing as the site didn't seem to express the historical importance in an appropriate manner. I did read later in the week that millions of Euros had recently been allotted to refurbish the site.

In addition to the statue of Napoleon that I'm standing in front of below, there was a building housing a 360 degree diorama depicting the battle as if one was on top of the rise looking down.


















Next came a jewel representing days of yore - Brugge! The history of this medieval city is fascinating. In its glory days it was Europe's major producer of lace. At the time, lace was made by hand using bobbins,as shown on the right - a very time consuming and labour intensive process. Then the English developed machines to do the work, sold their product at much lower prices, and Brugge's economy totally collapsed in a very short period. The population abandoned the city with the result that Brugge was frozen in time, giving us today a beautiful example of medieval architecture, untouched by modernization.











This is a picture taken on our boat tour along Brugge's canals and gives you some idea of just how beautiful this city is!









And yet again, we stop to enjoy a tasty meal. In this case, as we are outside French Brussels, we will be eating Flemish cooking. Note the menu is in English, to cater to the international tourist trade.








At left in the Brugge cathedral is a statue by Michaelangelo of Virgin and Child, one of only a few of his works outside of Italy.
















The cathedral itself was almost obscenely ornate, as can be seen in the pulpit at right. In fact all through our European travels, past and present, we found this to be the case - so completely ironic and cruel considering the poverty of the "commoners"!










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