Delicious Gaufres, Etc.,






Gaufres are Belgian Waffles, most often topped with strawberries and whipped cream, and made fresh at stands located profusely all over Belgium. At right in Brussels is one of these stands, "Belgaufra", proudly proclaiming in the small print below the name, "Probably the best since 1950.", not exactly the most appealing of English translations. Regardless, they are incredibly good, and addicting! Its very difficult to pass a shop without being drawn close by the delicious smell wafting from the ovens.




At left in the Grand'Place, I've just purchased two; this was Judy's first. At right in Antwerp, we continue our Gaufres indulgence, complete with Cappuccino.



















A Cappuccino, especially after a long day, was one of our other, favourite indulgences. We enjoyed being served in the cafe in front of the Victorian era Metropole Hotel (at right) which was just a few blocks from our hotel.








As can be seen in a side view, the seating is arranged for "people watching".






At right on the Metropole patio, Judy enjoys one of Belgium's many specialty beers, this one I think was raspberry flavoured ... I had my usual Cappuccino.




The hotel had recently been renovated and the interior was incredibly rich and resplendent with turn of the century opulence, as can be seen in the photo below.














A picture (at right) in the entrance way depicted a conference "Consiel De Physique Solvay" held in 1911 in the hotel. Included in the conference were Madame Currie and Albert Einstein!






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