The following is a photo log with comments covering our travels on Maui. We certainly covered the island from one end to the other, and enjoyed every minute ... well, driving down to Hana was a challenge - narrow roads, constant curves and spectacular drop-offs. The tourist info advises:

"As you wind your way down the Hana Highway, breathtaking ocean vistas through dense rainforest awaken your passion for adventure, as around each turn the hidden secrets of Maui unfold before your eyes. Thundering waterfalls and babbling brooks reveal their beauty and in the distance the clatter of the Myna bird beckons you to explore. The sights, the sounds, the fragrance of the island flowers and tropical vegetation touch your senses with the aroma of the rain forest."

I guess that was the case, but my eyes were totally riveted to the road, so only when we stopped did I fully appreciate the flora and fauna! Regardless, we have the pictures to enjoy.


 Lahaina is an old town, originally a port for replenishment of the whaling ships and R & R (ahem) for the crews. Later it was a major trading port with the export of cane sugar.

At left is a photo taken just off the main street in a park dominated by a huge Banyon tree that seems to be walking across the square.

This tree covers about a full block on the waterfront. The base of the Banyon is close to the centre and the branches produce roots that grow to the ground and form a trunk like a new tree, which helps support the tree.

As can be seen, trees like this are gathering points for people.








The scenery along the Maui coast was spectacular. As well as the usual pale rock and white sand beaches, many were of craggy volcanic rock and gray/black sand. And, the ocean was pleasantly warm. Each day boasted 27C with evenings cooling to around 19C - I could easily take a whole bunch of this type of weather!











Surf's up!!!














At right and below are views of the botanical gardens where scenes in the movie "Jurassic Park" were filmed.

























An example of the rugged southeast coast near Hana.













Don't slip!!!











The next few photos are of the Plantation Inn in Lahaina where the wedding party stayed - talk about southern style elegance !!!







Leif and Wendy's suite.













The dining room








A few shots of us down on the beach enjoying the weather and company. This particular beach was along the hotel strip about 5 minutes down from Robyn and Jerry's home. As can be seen, we were having a wonderful time!





Who's the sea monster with the hunk???


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