Whale of a Tale

On the morning following the wedding, Jun had arranged for us to go Whale Watching. First though, several guests met for brunch at the Cheeseburger in Paradise Restaurant on Front Street in Lahaina. As can be seen, some of the participants seem to be feeling a bit under the weather. I wonder why?













Next, down to the dock to meet up with the rest of the folk, and then on to the boat and off to view the whales. Of course, we had a musical sendoff which was quite appropriate for my age.




Here are some pictures from our morning outing. The weather of course was beautiful as usual. On the right are Leif and Wendy with the gorgeous mountains in the background.
















  And now the main attraction - a whale!

Actually, these leviathans of the deep did not surface too close to the boat. Also, when a whale breeched, by the time the camera was focussed and clicked, the event was almost over! Regardless, seeing these magnificent mammals was certainly something we will remember for life!

Finally, the trip back to Lahaina with a boatload of very happy whale watchers.


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