Jun and Kyoko's Wedding

Maui, Hawaii

February 7th, 2005


The wedding took place on the beautiful Olowalu Plantation Estate. As usual, the weather was perfect! Guests were transported to (and from) the estate by stretch limos.



Here is a shot of Judy and me in our wedding finery as we await the limousine. My 'old' Hawaiian shirt complements the wallpaper perfectly.








At right is a view in our limousine. The gentleman in the blue shirt is Harry Fong, a friend of Jun's from Toronto. Some of his great snapshots are included on this site.



On our arrival, we were blessed with these incredible views of the estate.













What a gorgeous setting!










Another picture showing the reception area and dining marquee.









At right, Judy in front of a beautiful background.








Jun attempts to relax just prior to the wedding. Actually, he does look relaxed!!!







Getting ready for the ceremony.









The harpist plays the prenuptial music.



Now, on to the wedding! Just click here.