Robyn and Jerry's Lahaina Home

A view from the elevated deck area. The master bedroom is on the left, the living room in the middle.


The domed area covers the bar.

Guests sit on seats submerged to bar level; drinks are served on the tiled bar (if you're lucky).


At left is the living room which opens onto the deck/swimming pool through sliding doors. Guess who's in the mirror ?









At right is the dining room, which also opens onto the patio. It has a mirrored ceiling that gives reflections of the matching wallpaper and drapes.





On the left is the "piece de resistance!" - Robyn & Gerry's favourite home hideaway from the stresses of the travel business. The hot tub fills one corner of the huge bathroom and looks out onto the garden.



The bathroom also incorporates a shower, a "water closet" and two sets of twin sinks, fashioned as shown below.







It is unquestionably one of the most interesting homes we have ever seen, but more importantly, had the pleasure of staying in!









At left is the view from their back patio Their home backs onto a golf course so one can sit and watch the duffers thrash by, hopefully avoiding their errant shots.







The following are three pictures taken from their patio as night falls on Maui. The 'locals' complained that this was their winter - we should be so lucky! While we were there, the day time temperature was usually 28 C; night lows of 19 C. Warm, scented breezes, and gorgeous sunsets!














 The picture at right includes the ocean view and neighbouring small island of Lanai.
















Many, many thanks to the Robyn and Jerry for being such wonderful hosts! You must come to Ottawa in January to see and feel what winter and snow are like, as you've probably forgotten by now!




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