Homeward Bound

As we used our Aeroplan points for the flights, we were subject to the vagaries of flight availability. Therefore, on our return flight we spent an overnight in both Honolulu and San Francisco.

In Honolulu, we visited Waikiki beach, and Pearl Harbour.

First, Waikiki!

Although Honolulu is a relatively large city, it wasn't difficult driving from the airport where our hotel was, to the other side of the city and on to Waikiki. Access to the beach was easy, and parking every vacationer's dream. The boulevard next to the waterfront had free parking on the closest road but that area was taken, so we had to park on the other side at meters - but only 25 cents per hour! Here are the photos:




















 We had a meal at the Cheeseburger in Paradise Restaurant prior to taking to the water. Its decor was totally different from the other franchise in Lahaina, but the food was just as tasty.













Weird decorations and a 'Ukulele' Bar added to the fun atmosphere.















 The beach stretched for miles.















A statue of what else but a surfer!















 Wow! A Mermaid!!!
















  And a ... beached whale!?!




















 The weather was gorgeous ... among other things, but perhaps I'm justifiably a bit prejudiced.














"Atlas Shrugged "













 Yet another fabulous sunset in paradise!


Next was the Pearl Harbor Memorial - a very moving tribute!





Pearl Harbor was about a 10 minute drive from our airport hotel. There is a large reception area where visitors line up for the movie and visit to the USS Arizona memorial. There is also a small museum with many touching displays.







 This is but one of the information boards displayed throughout the site.
















Each ticket (free) for the tour described a different vignette from the attack. I found this incident to be particularly heart-rending!





A Purple Heart medal.








As can be seen, Pearl Harbor provides protection from the sea, but also sets up a very vulnerable target.




Above is the actual bell from the USS Arizona.


The following are photos from the USS Arizona Memorial.














We arrived in San Francisco to cloudy, rainy weather, but after a catch-up nap at the hotel, we decided to see the downtown. The Airport Best Western Hotel staff were very helpful in giving us directions via their Airport Shuttle, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport), and, of course, the historical Cable Cars. Off we went in the rain, and had a wonderful time regardless!







This is a shot from the "Fisherman's Grotto" restaurant window on Fisherman's Wharf as we await our meals.












To a landlubber, there is nothing more scrumptious than fresh seafood !









Here are a few shots of the harbor "fast food" area. M-m-m-m crustaceans!





And, the cable cars!!!!


We'd love to return in better weather, and for at least a week, to suitably explore this historic and fascinating city.

But all good things must come to an end. The next day it was off to Chicago (airport anyway ...), then Toronto (Ble-e-ecchh!) where they managed to lose our luggage on the subsequent 1 hour flip to Ottawa!!!

The next morning, reality set in - we were back in the Great White North!


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