Poker Club Trophies

It was decided at the wrap-up meeting after our June 2015 get-together in Niagara Falls that we no-longer would bust our butts for a chance at winning a trophy, but rather simply enjoy (if this is possible) a scoreless golf outing.

So, the men's and women's trophies were officially retired.

To add to our aging memories it was suggested that a plethora of photos be taken of them and I offered to edit and upload them to my web page for all to enjoy the memories, and download if they wish. Sooooo, here they are in all their glory! We have to thank every one who contributed to their appearance over the years, and to the winners who added their name plaques after each "tournament".

The above was taken in June 2014 at Niagara Falls


Above Two Photos and Those Below Taken June 2015

MEN'S TROPHY aka "The Coppard Cup"






















The following are recent Past Winners whose photos I have.

Anybody want to supply other years or whatever?


Garry & Judy 2008

Janice Kinch 2009


Marsh 2009

Steve 2010

Carolyn Nice 2010

Al & Joyce 2012


Grant & Ann 2013


The whole gang 2014


Fran 2014


Keith 2014

The 2015 Winners are shown at the start of this page.