Wow!!! Our 50th!!! It's hard to believe as our wedding doesn't seem that long ago, and we certainly haven't changed ... well, maybe just a bit older and wiser.

Ten years ago, our 40th anniversary celebration was a complete surprise for Judy and me. Our "kids" did an incredible job of arranging everything from invitations to goodies and a wonderful time was had by all!!!

For our 50th, Judy and I weren't sure a big celebration was appropriate as our 40th had been so successful and comparatively recent. After considerable thought and encouragement by our family we decided to treat our friends and relatives to a fun celebration. Yet again, our dear family performed wonders for our party. Dan, Cyn and the grandkids handled the invitations, screen show, and photography !!! Leif acted as Master of Ceremonies, and Wendy supervised the caterer Judy had hired and the multitude of other details the party required. And of course Leif and Wendy provided their magnificent home for the occasion!

The following are photos of the event with comments as necessary. Judy and I are soooo lucky to have such a wonderful family, and relatives and friends!!! Many thanks to all!!! Now, for our 60th ...

Just prior to the actual anniversary ceremony, Al Hay, my old Engineering and Poker Club buddy, presented me with a beautiful book on WWII Tanks. Why on tanks you say? Well in the military, these beasts were one of my Tech Intelligence specialties! As can be seen, I carefully disguised my prowess in the spy world by holding the book upside-down!


I finally remedied this supposed error and revealed all ... of the book of course.


Many 'Tanks' Al! It's an excellent reference book and a good read!

The official anniversary ceremony commenced with son Leif handling his duties as MC with his usual flair and verve. As background, he gave a summary of my last job in the Intelligence side of the military, sufficiently detailed that I've been watching my back ever since. I, for obvious reasons, had never openly discussed my responsibilities but I guess the many years that have passed since my retirement make any of my remembrances passé. Regardless, I now watch traffic more suspiciously for those "Men in Black".



 As can be seen, Leif's personal dialog was heartfelt and affected Judy and me accordingly.

Then came our turn. I chose to read a poem which I previously had linked to our 40th web page. I assumed that with my considerable public speaking experience, I wouldn't have any problems in this regard, but hadn't anticipated the wave of emotion that suddenly grabbed me as I felt the love and memories associated with the poem's text. Regardless, I was not alone as there were very few dry eyes in the audience when I glanced up after my presentation!





Here are some of the photos taken during our celebration.






 Our grandkids, Ethan and Julianna are watching the extensive slide show produced by son Dan.









































Again, thanks to everyone for making our celebration so memorable!!!





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