Mekong River Scenic Cruising

While on board, we were provided with entertainment of all types: native dancing and singing, culinary demonstrations, and movies relevant to Vietnam. But there were also some surprises, such as the time the boat tour director appeared in the dining room with a tray of deep-fried insects, especially prepared for our consumption! Needless to say there wasn't exactly a rush to grab samples ... except for this brave soul who eagerly crunched down on a large chocolate-coated, deep fried scorpion. She said it was very tasty ...



This main dish was much easier to handle.

In fact all of the on-board dinners were excellent: Colourful and flavourful interpretations of typical Vietnamese cuisine.


Here, one of the chefs demonstrates how to turn a watermelon into a delicate pink and white flower.

The second one teaches how to create your own spring rolls using a variety of fillings. These we got to eat, not just look at!

At right, with the microphone, is the Riverboat Tour Director, explaining the procedures.


Beautiful ...


Storytelling through dance captivated the audience.








The younger kids also put on a great show:"Gangnam Style", based on the K-pop single by the South Korean performer, Psy.


On board a sampan for a trip to the local market 


Floating fish farm...


and Home...

(Business and Home are one and the same. Note: It seems everyone owns a cell phone.)


Such entrepreneurs! Free-floating houseboat with fresh food for sale


Shoreline market stalls, brimming with local foods


Vegetables, meat,and REALLY fresh fish and seafood (still alive!)












How about a nice, juicy ... RAT !?!


T 4 2


Delicious local fruit!


Judy shops...




Family Puffed Rice production







The final product


Our market adventure is's back to the boat.



Our wonderful River Boat, The PANDAW

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