Steff's Great Golf Jokes


Are we really getting this slow??? Well ... maybe just a little ...


Of course the real fun comes at the end of the game when you tally the score ...

Surprisingly, I rarely scored 90 or 91: most frequently it was 89 or 88!

Isn't that interesting; I wonder why?

Hmmm, they all count don't they???



The above pretty well sum up my 'appreciation' of the game! 

Of course there are other uses for the clubs depending on what balls you wish to hit!!!

Sheesh, my dentist only drills me for cash!

Lately, the following depicts my twisted sense of success at the game ...

Somehow I don't think our Poker Club will consider the following due to heart attack implications!

Maybe this would make our annual Poker Club games more exciting ...

... or on second thought ... not!

Right! "Accidently" nudge it down the incline prior to the other golfers arriving,

and blame the wind ...

Actually, its the ball's fault !!!! 

Now we'd never do that would we ...

And all the time I thought it was my grip ...

Sooooo ...

Ah yes; new golf tools vs incompetence!

And what about the &*$#@ 3 wood???

Hmmm, maybe that's why the family gave me a new bag!

Now that's dedication ... or stupidity! Probably the latter.

Can this be called psyching someone out? Of course we never do that ...

Hmmmm, now there's a good idea!


Ain't it the truth!!!

If this were only legal ...

Ah, yes, but now we have excuses!!!


I have never had a hole-in-one, but "Hope Springs Eternal ..."













Good idea but who'd buy mine?

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