Buddhist Temple and Grounds




The famous Reclining Buddha



Monkeys have the run of the temple grounds!


We visited an orphans' home also supported by Viking Tours.

Visitors are encouraged to donate money and also to buy artwork and handicrafts made by the children.





We also visited another site where weaving of scarves, wraps and fabric for sale was the family business.



A city on the Mekong at sunset


On-board entertainment:The story of a shy bride and groom getting dressed in readiness for a traditional wedding ceremony.



An attractive setting in a Phnom Penh restaurant. "Where's the food?", wonder the guys.


We visited the Udon Monastery for a Blessing by the Buddhist Monks.







A village of silversmiths


Even the young participate!


Really young!!!


We tour Phnom Penh on our own private 'Cyclos.'





The Royal Palace was built in the 19th Century, but inspired by Khmer architecture.



King Norodom Memorial





Elephant Saddlery


 Silk Weaving



A solemn afternoon tour: We first visited the sobering memorial in the Tuol Sleng detention center, a former high school in which thousands of victims of the murderous Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime died, and then the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek.











And now back to our ship for some much more pleasant events! Just click on the riverboat photo below.

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