We visit the Terezin Memorial


"The Terezin Memorial was established at the end of the 18th century as a fortress; it is still surrounded by its massive ramparts. Only in the relatively recent past has Terezin entered the world's public consciousness as a tragic symbol of the sufferings of the tens of thousands during the Nazi regime. Visit the Fortress with its infamous Gestapo Prison and learn more about the saddest chapter of European history in an outstanding Museum of Terezin with its unique collection of drawings and artifacts made by the children who were growing up under the worst of conditions. Detailed commentary is given by your local guide to supply the essential background stories. A genuine, true educational must, an eye opener to European history. "


It's not possible to add words to what we saw! Just look at the photos and remember ...


































 Museum of Terezin

A very emotional visit!



Dinner and Folklore Show


"The Czech have their way of fun where food, drinks and traditions are coming together. On long rows of tables you will be served the traditional hearty Czech cuisine where the drinks and the laughter flow. On the small stage musicians will play on the hammer-dulcimer, the fujara (shepherd's flute) and the bag-pipe, all part of their musical heritage. The performers in their traditional costumes will treat you to local dances and their folk songs from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia, which will impress you. Experience excellent dancers, vibrant music and collect wonderful memories of your trip to Prague. Join in for an evening of food and fun in one of Prague's typical restaurants, a Czech traditional 3-course dinner with drinks; guide services and transportation are all included."















He shoots; he scores!!!

Wine distribution on an amazing level by a seemingly disgruntled operator.




"Oh dear, she tooted!"


"OK, who took my wine glass?" 


Keith also took some great pictures as follows!



"Are we having fun yet?"



"Sure thing!!!" 


"This is my tooter."





That Tooter is a flute on steroids!





"Fill it up!"


"Did you take my Tooter?"


All kidding aside, an incredibly talented ... Tooter!




What a talented lady, and what a wonderful party!


"Day 12 (1 Oct) Prague"

"Enjoy a free day to explore the city at your own pace. Perhaps visit the Communist Museum or take an optional excursion around the Jewish Quarter. Sample the local plum dumplings and Pilsner; stroll along the Vltava River. Your Cruise Director will have other suggestions for things to do."







The National Museum



"Where are we?" Wenceslas Square of course!










"Sausages are us!"





The famous Charles Bridge, for pedestrians (and artists and performers) only... 



The following three pics are of the Old Town Bridge Tower









Synchronized Swans Swimming Sweetly


Artists abound!


Downtown Prague


Holy Cow!!!



The Grand Europa Hotel






Hmmm. Did we miss anything?


And finally, and appropriately, food for thought!

And the signs read ...




Yum! Cinnamon rolls!


A clever Czech play on words!



Smiling Sisters!!!



 Garry's Mantra



"Day 13 (2 Oct) Prague"

"Your vacation ends, (Sigh!), with breakfast this morning."



Carol's photo of the last dinner.

The Stephs had already departed very early to catch their plane home.

What a fabulous trip with such great companions!!! 

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