"Day 8 (27 Sept) Regensburg"

"Dating back to the time of the Celts around 500 BC, Regensburg is one of Germany’s best preserved medieval cities. Established during the Holy Roman Empire and the only German city not bombed during WWII, Regensburg has at least 1,300 listed buildings of “historic interest.” Architectural highlights of your GUIDED WALK include the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), built in the 13th century, and Porta Pretoria, gates to an ancient Roman fort built in 179 AD. Wander through the city’s lanes and alleys to discover the many mansions with high towers. Wealthy families built these towers to emphasize their status and wealth during the Middle Ages, and many still remain today. Walk across the 12th-century Steinerne Brücke (Stone Bridge), the oldest of its kind in Germany. Grab a beer and enjoy an included SNACK at the 17th-century Historische Wurstküche (Old Sausage Kitchen), one of Germany’s oldest restaurants. Here—where the locals congregate—feel the vibrant atmosphere and take in the remarkable views along the river. After dinner, we’ll introduce you to some of Germany’s FAMOUS BEERS."


The Walhalla Memorial


No, this is NOT our boat!





Oskar Schindler, an ethnic German businessman who saved the lives of more than a thousand mostly Polish-Jewish refugees during the Holocaust by employing them in his factories.






Our guide




I follow our gang into the17th-century Historische Wurstküche (Old Sausage Kitchen),

one of Germany’s oldest restaurants.


Sausages ein sauerkraut! Oh, so tasty!!!


Beer helps too, as our ladies devour their sausages!


Carol's photo shows just how satisfying beer and sausages can be!


The Old Kitchen viewed from the ancient bridge, which is presently being repaired.


Above, the twin spires of St.Peter's Cathedral are visible in the background.


Artists en plein air, dockside.


Of course, shopping is mandatory!

Interesting parking arrangements.




Now back to our boat for a sampling of Germany’s FAMOUS BEERS.


Dinner Time Onboard

How about these to whet one's appetite? Smoked salmon three ways.


And the luscious main course... 



Shipboard Entertainment

Hm Pa Pa at its best, including Keith's capers!!!


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