"Day 7 (26 Sept) Passau, Germany"

"Today, you can choose from several full-day optional excursions: to Salzburg taking in some of the Sound of Music sights, the popular “Romantic Austria” tour, or to medieval Èeský Krumlov in theCzech Republic, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alternatively, you may choose to stay on the ship and relax as you cruise to Passau, uniquely located where the Inn, Ilz, and Danube Rivers converge. Passau is a maze of narrow cobblestone streets lined with beautiful patrician houses. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a masterpiece of Italian baroque architecture, houses one of the world’s largest church organs with 17,774 pipes. Take in the highlights on the included GUIDED WALK."





No Sun = No Time!


The Parish Church of Traunkirchen

The intricate golden object on the left is called, for obvious reasons,

The Fisherman's Pulpit

Judy lights a candle in honour of friend Bernie.





The above Date is: 1535





Treats, but we can't find Keith!

M-m-m-makes me drool even now!!!



A tractor festival in town! No, I'm not pulling your leg!


Small and Big and Keith


Our guide points out our location.


Young love! What a setting!







 We discover a wedding in progress.


I was almost part of the wedding party!!!


The MacLeods and friends - a chance meeting!


Austrian light rail transit?


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