"Day 6 (25 Sept) Dürnstein–Melk"

"Dürnstein, known for the magnificent baroque, blue Stiftskirche built in the 1700s, is situated right in the heart of the Wachau wine region. The main street of this small town—with a population of less than1,000 people—is lined with 16th-century residences and charming cobblestone streets. This morning your Local Guide will take you on an included WALKING TOUR and tell you the tale of England’s King Richard the Lionheart, who was imprisoned in the castle whose ruins still stand above the town. During lunchtime, sail the picturesque Wachau Valley and arrive in Melk in the early afternoon. Here, enjoy a GUIDED VISIT of the magnificent 11th-century BENEDICTINE ABBEY, one of Europe’s largest monasteries. The abbey houses an ornate library with over 80,000 printed books and 2,000 manuscripts. You’ll be captivated by the splendor of the church with its frescoed ceilings, stunning high altar, marble statues, and 210-foot-high cupola. The view from the terrace of the abbey over the Danube and surrounding countryside is breathtaking! This evening you’ll be able to sample some of the Wachau Valley’s FAMOUS WINES."



Exiting the locks


Gentleman enjoying peaceful countryside. 


Fran + Dice = Happy! 


Carol catches up on the (real) world news...


Steph sharing his expertise with his favourite tech toy.





Roman Ruin high on the hill.



What wonderful scenery ... I mean out the window!


Fran's Gluten free beer, delivered to our table.


Our wonderful servers from the Philippines, Mary and Judel, being embraced by Carol.


We visit the Kuns Historic Museum and an11th Century Benedictine Abbey near the town of Melk.

The Holy Grail? Or is it just an ornate chalice ?


A reusable casket! Flip the lever, then bring on the next dearly departed!

Remains were dumped in a common grave.Why Mozart's bones have never been found!



An intricate trunk locking device.



Model of the abbey and the town of Melk.




Peter and Paul ... but where is Mary?


Judy, you didn't tell me!


The end of a beautiful day ...


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