"Day 4 (23 Sept) Budapest–Vienna, Austria"

"Enjoy a day of relaxation on board and marvel at the beautiful scenery on both banks of the Danube. Hungary is on your left as you cruise upriver and Slovakia is on your right. The two countries share the Danube for a 58-mile stretch, with the border in the middle of the river. This evening, arrive in Vienna, Austria’s capital. Known as the “City of Music,” it inspired the creative genius of Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss. An optional concert is available during your stay."


Morning view from our suite window.


Our first onboard breakfast. We claimed this "table with a view".



Safety briefing and tour description in the lounge.


Approaching our first set of locks.


Other river boats in the lineup. Drought conditions resulted in low river levels and increased waiting times! Also, some very scary scraping noises as our boat bottomed out!!!


Optional Excursions Debate!!!


How's this for Garry's onboard dessert?



And another example of shipboard culinary prowess!

And again ...

Oh, it's a hard life!


Sunny, but cool.


Our ladies 'Walk the Walk'.


Carol snapped Trudy's and Judy's exhausting game of chess.


Relaxing in the lounge.


Decisions, decisions ...


So many choices ...


"OK, who ate all the buns?"


Pondering ...


Locked up.


Lots of locks ...





 But we had some marvelous entertainment to pass the time!

Singer & Fiancé - both crew members!


What a voice!!!

Now some dancing!!!

Yes, we are having fun!!!


If you don't know the words, whistle.


"Day 5 (24 Sept) Vienna"

"Once the center of the mighty Habsburg Empire, Austria’s magical capital on the blue Danube is a showcase of gilded architecture. This is home to the lavish Hofburg Imperial Palace complex with its Vienna Boys’ Choir and dazzling Lipizzaner stallions; the neo-renaissance Vienna Opera House; and awe-inspiring St. Stephen’s Cathedral—plus, countless other sights your Local Guide will show you during an included CITY SIGHTSEEING TOUR. Stroll through the delightful pedestrian Kärntnerstrasse, and be sure to take a break and enjoy a piece of decadent Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel in one of the classic Viennese coffee houses, historic institutions that helped shape Viennese culture!"


We dock in Vienna!





One of the many intriguing statues gracing the beautiful city of Vienna. 



Graffiti is international!





The following two photos are of the Austrian Parliament Building 





Now a few photos of the National Library with a beautiful golden ball up top.








Lipizzaner stallions

Security was high so decent photos were impossible!


Their 'Play Room'.







 A couple of photos of Hofburg Palace



St.Peter's Church (the green dome)




Fascinating Contemporary Street Sculptures 






St. Stephen's Basilica, Vienna






McDonald's Cappuccino?


No calories of course ...


Back to our boat.





No, not a Swan Song ... just a visitor.


What's Austria without Mozart?  


Arriving for the Schonbrunn Palace tour... 

A number of photos follow of this stunning structure and grounds!   

 Austrian crows? pigeons? 






Hmmm. A rather tangled relationship ... a threesome?



"Salut to Vienna: Walzer and Operetta concert Dont miss a truly magical evening in Vienna, featuring the most famous opera Arias by Mozart, Strauss Waltzes, polkas and operetta excerpts from "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss, "The Merry Widow" by Franz Lehar, the Blue Danube waltz, the Radetzky March and many others, performed by a brilliant cast of top European singers, beautifully costumed dancers and the Original Wiener Salon Orchestra. A true celebration of joy and optimism featuring familiar music, combined with dance and storytelling that recalls happy memories of a time when music helped to shape the city of Vienna: a city of world-class artistry and a true flair for celebration." 


We attended this wonderful concert by the Vienna Supreme Concerts Group

The music was fantastic!

Keith took some great photos!


Above is the Natural History Museum.

The concert took place in one of its special rooms.





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