"Day 3 (22 Sept) Budapest (Embarkation)"

"You have time this morning to explore Budapest further. Perhaps visit St. Stephen’s Basilica for marvelous views of the city from its viewing platform. This afternoon, board your river cruise vessel and meet your crew at a welcome reception."


Off we go for our AM exploring!!!







Below are Photos of the Budapest Parliament Complex...








Judy's photo of two travel mates.








Going my way???











Judy spots two 'Old Timers' ready to call it a day!


Strolling back to our Hotel... 

Interesting colours!




Controversial Memorial erected in 2015, dedicated to "all the victims of the German Occupation"



St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest



Judy assists the rather 'stoic' artist.


Enough walking, time for a beer on the patio.




Goodbye to a beautiful patio and vista and on to our riverboat -


- the well appointed MS Avalon Expression


We board our boat.


The above is a mirror image of our beautiful suite.


The main bar and lounge.


Trudy enjoys a glass of wine while sister Carol has a coffee.


A delicious fish dinner!


A view forward of the Chain Bridge as we depart Budapest.




Part of the sparsely settled spacious sun deck.







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