Johnson Cousins' Reunion

Winnipeg, 24-26 May 2013


The above photo is of 'our' ancestral home 717 William Ave., Winnipeg and was obviously taken during a royal visit of the King of England





At left is my Grandfather:

Thorgils Johannesson Johnson

Born: 13 May 1878 in Fjos, Laxardalar Valley, Iceland

Died: 16 February 1944 in Winnipeg





















At right is my Grandmother:

Gudrun Rosa Halldorsson

Born: 11 August 1884 in Hallson, North Dakota, USA.

Died: 25 July 1958 in Winnipeg.











Thorgils and Rosa were married in Winnipeg on Wednesday, 4 October, 1905 and had eight children; two boys, Alfred and Brian, and six girls, Florence, Anna, Aurora, Maria, Irene, and Eleanore. All the siblings have now passed away.



Top Row: Florence, Alfred, Aurora, Anna

Front Row: Eleanore, Brian, Maria, Irene


All 'Cousins' received an E-Mail from Brian outlining the planned activities for our May get-together. It was prepared by our wonderful 'Peg co-ordinators Brian Johnson, Paul Johnson, Art Barton and John Badali. Great job guys!!!

To see the itinerary, click here.

And then it was May party time!!! What a wonderful reunion!!! The planning was excellent; the food, etc. extraordinary; and the opportunity to see our cousins and their families just amazing!!!

To view the myriad of photos taken at our get-togethers on Friday at Brian and Barb Johnson's, Saturday at Paul and Wendy Johnson's, and Sunday at the Viscount Gort Hotel, just click here.

To access the original list of attendees, just click here.

 Unfortunately I don't have an up-to-date list of all the attendees who made it to some or all of the events, but the photos reveal all!

The following is a list of all those who contributed to this project by providing photos/vignettes. Just click on their names to go to their personal page to see their input.


Garry Stephanson: Son of Florence (Stephan Stephanson)

Art Barton: Son of Anna (Art Barton Sr.)

Doug Lovat: Son of Eleanore (Doug Lovat)

 Brian Johnson Jr.: Son of Brian Sr. (May)

Beverly Pettigrew: Daughter of Aurora (Ed George)

Melanie Lovat: Daughter of Eleanore (Doug Lovat)

John Badali: Son of Irene (George Badali)

Ron George: Son of Aurora (Ed George)

Holly Cairns: Daughter of Eleanore (Doug Lovat)

Paul Johnson: Son of Brian Sr. (May)

Shari Gutteridge: Daughter of Alfred (Eleanor )