Melanie Barbara Lovat

"Ok as promised I have gone thru boxes of pics and found some that will do. I have included a pic of Maria and Jack as I didn’t know if any would be submitted and also a pic of Irene and Johnnie and Joannie. "


Grandma Christmas 1957


Florence Alfred Aurora Anna

Eleanore Brian Maria Irene

Year 193????



Irene with Joannie and Johnnie ... Johnnie only looks about a year old ... so 194????


These are Mom’s confirmation pictures in 1936


Back row Alf Grandpa Grandma Maria Irene

Middle row ED(?) A neighbor I think-Elsie’s Mom(?) Eleanore Elsie(Mom’s friend) Aurora (holding Linda?)

Front row Bev Rae Ron unknown(?) unknown(?) unknown(?)



Eleanore's 21 st Birthday picture ... 1943 June


Doug Jr's Christening 1946

Back row: Eleanore (holding Doug Jr) Doug Sr. unknown(?) unknown(?) Steve Brian Sr.

Middle row: Mae (holding Susan) my Aunt Margo (Lovat) my other Grandma (Lovat)

Front row: Bev (?) Art (?) Ron Garry


Maria and Jack


Lac Lou Aug 1957 at the cottage

Back row Susan Doug Jr

Front row Melanie Rick Holly


Friends cottage 1961

Back row Rick Eleanore Melanie

Front row Holly Tim


Florence Garry Doug Sr 194??????


Melanie 2012



Christie- Anna with boyfriend Mike 2012


"Wow from reading other cousin's memories I wish I had been there ( or at least old enough to remember or take part in) as I know you are only a couple of years older than me.

"I do remember going to Grandma's house (which I adored). What other house had a staircase in the front hallway and one in the kitchen. Also a storage area under the front staircase and another house (at least in my mind) on a floor above the bedrooms. There were so many bedrooms and there was a great runway from the front staircase to the back staircase that just caused you to run back and forth from one to the other.

"Yes I do remember Grandma giving us money to go buy a chocolate bar ….but I just thought she was being nice….not just getting us out of the house….mind you that was also the first and only time I ever found a worm in my chocolate bar.

"I do remember trading comic books with Brian (jr)…we called him Briannie. Actually maybe it was Douggie and Briannie who did the trading but I was an active by stander as I was allowed to read all the newly traded comics.

"I do remember Garry getting a new car (or maybe it was an old car but his first) and he took us kids for a ride in it( and no one made him do it). I didn't see him often but I sure felt special that day.

"I do remember Art (jr) meeting our family at either Hawk Lake or Falcon Lake for lunch . We were coming back from another lake ourselves and he wanted to have lunch with us (or maybe his Mom made him) He was working around there (I think) I know I hadn't seen him in years and I thought it was nice he actually wanted to see us. I remember looking up at him and thinking he was so tall!!

"I do remember the Santa Clause Parade as we could just step outside the house to watch it and then go back inside to get warm.

"I received a surprise a few weeks ago when I received an e-mail from Ron. I had sent him an e-mail asking him to come as I didn't think I had ever meet him or if I had I didn't remember . He replied that he would not be attending but Lenni said I was a beautiful little baby when we were living at Grandma's house because of the 1950 flood….I thought this was too bad that he could not attend but who is this LENNI ???"

"P.S. I have since researched and found out who Lenni is !!!"

Looking forward to seeing you all in May !!!!!!!!!!!