John Roy Badali

"Finally got my stuff together, so here's my contribution."


George and Irene Badali ( 1940)


Irene, with Detroit in the background (1941)

John and Joan Badali (1949)


Cousins Linda, Art, John and Susan, and neighbor, at Ingolf



John and George Jr. (1959)


Joan and Irene (1959)


Back row: John, Irene, Aunt Anna, Uncle Brian.

Front row: Aunt May, Uncle Art, Joan's husband Don and Joan,

at the Stephansons' (Christmas 1962)



Uncle Ed, Irene, George, Uncle Jack, Russel Gault and his daughter,

Jeanette and John, at family picnic in Assiniboine Park (1977)



Aunts Maria, Florence and Aurora, Irene and Uncle Brian-

Christmas at the Badalis' (1992)


Aunt Aurora and Uncle Alfred, at Cousin Paul's house (1978)


Back row: Jason, John, Aurora, Irene, Florence, Maria, Uncle Brian.

Front row: Jeanette, Wendy, Barb, Randy, Angela, Brian Jr.,

Pat and her husband Mike - Xmas at the Badalis' (1994)


Brothers George and Leon, son Jason, Irene, John and Jeanette (1997)


Jason, Jeanette and John (2010)


Here's the Johnson family info that Uncle Brian put together back in 1991.