Holly Lynn Cairns



Grandpa Johnson



Grandma Johnson


The above picture shows Gudrun Rosa (our Grandmother) as a child of 12 or so - I think the time frame is just before she left North Dakota and moved to Winnipeg - around 1896


Halldorson Family - 1960


Snaebjorn - Gudny Halldorson Wedding photo


Snaebjorn Halldorson

Recently, some new photos have surfaced. Specifically, they are from Holly's wedding to Jim Cairns. Here they are, correctly identified, thanks to Melanie's input:


Left to Right: Alan Cairns (Jim's Brother), Melanie Lovat, Jim Cairns, Holly, Nancy Cairns (Jim's Sister), and Tim Lovat.


Melanie, Holly, Eleanor and Doug.


Holly and Doug.


The Groom & Bride, Jim and Holly Cairns


Tim and Holly


The Bride: Holly Cairns


Tim and Nancy


Melanie, Holly and Nancy