Brian Wayne Johnson

Here are Cousin Brian Jrs. photo contributions.



Dad 2008


Dad and his car - 1950s


Dad Christmas, Weston - 1950s


Brian with his sisters in June, 1969, on John Badali's wedding day.



John and Jeanette Badali's in the spring of 1998.

Irene, Brian, Maria, and Florence


Brian's family. Back row: Brian Jr., Paul, his wife Wendy, Randy.

Front row: Pat, dad (Brian Sr.) and Maureen.

It was taken at least 15 years ago. I am checking with Maureen to see if she recalls details.



This picture was taken at the same time as the previous one. It is our dad with the grand children. Back row: Angela (Pat's), Shawna (Paul's) Brad (Brian's).

Front row: Alex (Maureen's, Jennifer (Maureen's), Adrienne (Maureen's)

Missing are my son Eric and Paul's daughter Allison


This is a picture of our dad Brian Sr. It was taken when he was twelve or thirteen years old.


The following are copies of our grandparents marriage license and wedding invitation.

They were in my dad's files. I am not aware of who has the originals.



Anna and Cousin Art


Brian and May 1944-45


Brian Date Unknown


Brian at CPR Shops


Dad's wedding July 27, 1945


Eleanore at the Stephansons'


Farm One


Farm Two


Florence in Kitchen


Garry - Farm September 1958


Ed, Mom, Maria, Eleanor, Jack


Pat, Brian, Paul, Maureen - 1956



Rae and Aurora at the Stephansons'


Brian and Eleanore



Irene and Muriel ( the boy in the middle is probably Brian)



Aunt Irene, Maria and Jack Harper


Uncle Ed, Aurora, and Florence



My dad on the porch of 717. Behind him is the General Hospital.


Aunt Eleanore


Aunt Eleanore on the porch at 717 William

* Brian has also provided some very interesting (and complicated) background information concerning the Johnson Family Tree he found in his dad's records. To view this, just click here.