Our tour group approaches Angkor Wat


We made it!!! Fulfilling a dream.









Our funloving British couple join the Cambodian players for a photo shoot.


I wave to Judy as she climbs one of the Towers.

She was the last one to return and I was worried the Cambodian Gods had kidnapped her!














"Don't take my picture. I look like a tourist, goofy sunhat and all! Oh, right, I AM a tourist!"




On stage, Garry entertains the group, much to their amusement ... and Judy's chagrin.

This is the site of the adventure movie, "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", starring Angelina Jolie.


Getting to the root of the matter! Incredible!















The following photo has mystified me, something akin to viewing the Mona Lisa! I was alone, wending my way through the myriad of arches, rooms and doorways at this walled Angkor site, when I came upon this little girl. It should be noted that during our tour we were constantly pestered by locals trying to sell us trinkets of all kinds. This little girl said nothing, even when I pointed to my camera to indicate that I wanted to take her picture. I snapped the photo, then turned around to see if Judy was following, but when I looked back the girl was gone. Her expression and body language can be interpreted in so many ways: melancholy, loneliness, or just wishing she were anywhere else ... Regardless, I feel this photo is one of the most haunting and touching that I have ever taken!




On the road to Kampong Cham and the start of our riverboat cruise...

"Visit a local village supported by Viking River Cruises and spend time with children at one of the village schools. Check out of your Siem Reap hotel and begin your coach tour through the Cambodian countryside which brings you to your ship in Kampong Cham, via the provincial capital of Kampong Thom. Due to its central location, this area is rapidly becoming an important hub for fishing and agriculture; it also has a rich archeological heritage, to which the 200 temples—some of which predate the Khmer empire—attest. This afternoon, board your ship; after you get settled in, meet the ship’s officers over a welcome cocktail."

This photo is of a typical village home. Pigs and chickens wander about, and behind the house is a rice paddy, a source of food and income. The home is on stilts in readiness for monsoon season. In hot weather, the family sleeps on the ground below the house to stay cool!


This school is supported by Viking tours, as well as contributions from visitors, to help pay for their education.







We board our Viking riverboat, The Saigon PANDAW.


Here are some photos of our efficiently designed stateroom, made inviting by the warmth of traditional wood.




 Not shown, there is a spacious shower to the right.




 A view on the sun deck.


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