Our 40th Wedding Anniversary Surprise Party

There have not been many times in our lives when we've truly been taken by surprise, but Saturday, September 28th, 2002 will forever be etched in our minds as one of those occasions!!! We were thrilled that our children felt that the occasion was worthy of celebration and went to so much effort to include so many of our dear friends. We were honoured that people travelled from far and near to spend the day with us. To all those who contributed to our celebration, especially our wonderful kids Dan and Cyndy, Leif and Wendy, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The following pictures are only a few of all the photos taken at Wendy and Leif's place, but give some indication of just how big a celebration this was, and how much everyone enjoyed themselves.


Surprised ? You Bet !!!


We arrived and after the initial shock, it was time to meet our friends.

Our Amazing Daughters-in-Law preparing the "Goodies."


We cut the cake which was a copy of the original made by Brother-in-Law Ted Larue 40 years ago.

Our Giant Card

Friend Doug takes a photo of some of the guests -

55 wonderful folks at last count!

Some of the 40 roses and a "card" I gave Judy on the 29th, our "official" date.

The Stephanson Clan


There is a poem that Judy and I feel best describes our relationship over the years. Perhaps you have heard it as we have read it out on several occasions, including weddings. In any case, just click here to read it. And again, thank you each and every one for enriching our lives with your friendship.


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